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Extra Large victorian
DIA 1170MM £130.00

Large Victorian
DIA 930MM £64.99

Medium Victorion
DIA 790MM £59.99

Large Bruge
DIA 710mm £53.50

Small Bruge
DIA 475mm £40.00

DIA 470MM £40.00

Dia 730mm £45.00
Dia 610mm £40.00
Dia 490mm £35.00
Dia 400mm £30.00

DIA470mm £40.00

DIA 415mm £35.00

The traditional ceiling decoration

If you have a ceiling rose you know how fantastic they can look and how, along with your coving, they really do bring your room alive. For new or replacement ceiling roses contact Bespoke Coving and enjoy professional and expert service.

Whether you want to replace an existing ceiling rose, or you want to create something completely new in your room you'll find a range of designs that will suit your style, from traditional to contemporary and simple to ornate.

Finishing Touches

Not only does a ceiling rose make a great ceiling decoration but the right one can really enhance the look of your room. Find ceiling roses that match your coving for that extra special look, and don't forget that you'll get expert installation too.

Why not really complete your look with coving lighting or fantastic GRG mouldings. Contact us today and be amazed by just what we can do.